The upside to decluttering your desktop

I recently got a ✨brand ✨new ✨MacBook for the first time in 4 years, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s Space Gray with a keyboard that isn’t too clicky and that neat touch bar I was missing out on. I’ve decided that the best way to honor its gorgeousness was to finally be organized and mindful with my files.

Before, I used to download and export files directly to the desktop. From there I’d rummage through arbitrary screenshots and memes and UI samples to then drag and drop what I was looking for into Slack or email. …

Taken from my new blog @

One of the reasons I started the blog was to focus on making art for myself rather than for everyone else. I used to determine my work’s worth by how much other people liked it — both in person and on IG. I needed people to enthusiastically like my work, not feel so-so about it.

This meant that I had to put my all into every drawing I made. I spent days, sometimes weeks, on a single 1080 by 1080 pixel square, aiming for the final product to be the most clever thing people have ever seen.

Everything had…

With a focus on the AAPI community

A yellow rectangle. A nod to the racial slur towards Asians.
A yellow rectangle. A nod to the racial slur towards Asians.

Transcribed and edited to fit an article format, this post is based on a project that won the Global Award Nominee position at the NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2020. You can read the original project here.

JAWAS (JoJo Lee, Annvie Nguyen, Will Guo, Albert Chen, and I) decided to focus on a familiar issue close to home for this NASA hackathon. As Asian-Americans, we were particularly interested in the Model Minority Myth and why it persists today.

Special thanks to my team members, Binnovative, and NASA for a great hackathon experience.

01— The Model Minority Myth and the AAPI…

The value of holistic data

When I first stepped out onto the product scene, I was advised to always define an objective, numerical success metric. I was under the impression that with the appropriate research, goals could always be defined as percentages, seconds, downloads, and dollars. User satisfaction would simply follow if these more tangible goals were achieved.

I believed this until a recent project brought to light the limitations of quantitative data. This project’s primary goal was to increase analysts' confidence as they navigated a particular user flow. …

👩‍💻 | design

Here’s how we did it

Camp Figma cover art.
Camp Figma cover art.

If you are connected with me or any of the members of 🌐 Mrs. Worldwide 🌐(Mira Dhingra / mira, Michelle Lam / Michelle Lam, Monica Gee, or Keira Wong) on LinkedIn, you’ve probably been notified by each of our celebratory posts more than once. We were runner-ups at our first design jam ever, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Here’s how we went from total strangers to a focused, international five-man team that churned out a stellar proposal in just over 24 hours.

01 — How we met 02 — Pre-design jam meet + greet 03 — Pre-design jam housekeeping…

A year in review.

In light of the insightful conversations I’ve had with designers who are just beginning their careers, I figured it was time to share the lessons I’ve learned at my first job, which coincidentally, began exactly a year ago this month 🎉.

Stay grounded

It’s tempting to rush into your work when you start a new project. Don’t.

Take a moment to breathe and fully understand the task at hand before doing anything else. Jumping the gun always results in careless mistakes that can negatively impact the final outcome on a grand scale. Remember, never assume anything. Always do your research.

“But I’m…

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